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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. he's still in front. donald trump leading the republican field the race for the white house. the latest opinion poll just ahead. china fire bachl explosion so powerful they registered as earthquakes leaving dozens dead and injured. an apology. the pen maker bic says sorry for offending women with an ad campaign many thought was sexist.
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despite a wobbly debate performance the latest poll shows donald trump is still leading the republican field in the race for the white house. trump sup eight points in iowa the first state to vote in the u.s. primary. ben carson in second, former florida governor jeb bush has fallen to seventh place. >> in fact jeb bush laid out his strategy to fight isis on tuesday. he also took the opportunity to take aim at hillary clinton and president barack obama over their iraq policy. but fellow republican donald trump switched the tables. he blasted jeb bush and his brother on the issue. listen to what he told my colleague jake tapper earlier today. >> unlike jeb bush and the brother who with got us in to the war, i was opposed to the war. look at 2004, reuters in july of 2004, headline, trump opposes
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war in iraq. i'm the most militaryistic person you'll ever meet. however, you have to know when to go and when to use the military. they use ed it at the wrong point. there will be an imbalance of the middle east, iran will take over iraq. a lot of bad people like isis will take over the oil. that's what happened. i'm the only one of the candidates running, i'm the only one, the only one that opposed the war. you could call it vision to be honest with you. i'm proud of it. >> donald trump saying what's on his mind. as a fellow democrats no major changes. hillary clinton if the lead in iowa with 50% support. senator bernie sanders is in a distant second place. joe biden is yet to decide whether he will run for president but if he does he has some catching up to do. he's at third place at 12%. donald trump leading the polls is an 0 old story now.
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but what is new and almost staggering is the lead trump holds on every key issue. best for the economy donald trump prefer by a mile. even lead on the question who would best handle terrorism. the biggie, who has the best chance of winning the election, again donald trump. if you weren't taking donald trump's run for the whitehouse seriously now might be a good time to start. i understand it is one poll but still what do you make of the numbers. >> numbers are numbers. in american politics you take them as biblical in terms of their importance if you are leading and if you are not leading you remind everyone they are a snapshot in time, not predictive.
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four years ago michele bachmann, newt gingrich, herman cain, rick santorum all led the polls at one time or another and of course mitt romney became the nominee. you want to be in first but if you can't be look for reasons why it doesn't matter. that's what the other 1 is 6 campaigns are doing. >> again the argument is trump is running a different campaign this time and more reaganesque. look at the numbers. what is surprising ben carson the brain surgeon in second place and jeb bush f these numbers hold and is it over for him s it curtains for him? >> if the numbers hold, yes. but the question is will they hold and i think the answer to that is no. donald trump is a -- is a celebrity act and sooner or
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later that's -- ben carson is a honest thoughtful guy but he has never been in politics a lot like her man cane was four years ago. it is difficult to believe when people pay attention all the way down the road next february that he will be in second place. i think going to your question about jeb bush, he has $100 million in the bank. he's probably most people would think he's the leader in the clubhouse so to speak and he has the time and money to wait out to see how this whole thing sorts out until there are not 17, but en12, 8, and then four and then they have enough to turn on the after burners and make something happen. maybe not in iowa but certainly in new hampshire, south carolina. >> let's move to the democratic side of things. bernie sanders surging in the
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polls in new hampshire. another early voting state for the primaries how much is he hurting the hillary clinton campaign and how much is hillary clinton hurting the hillary clinton campaign here? >> they are playing on each other. bernie sanders is drawing enormous crowds, 28, 30 thousand people in august of the off yeempl i don't understand what is going on but i don't pretend towns how democrats think. there is a poll that came out and it showed him leading hillary clinton in new hampshire. that's not something the clintons wanted. mrs. clinton is embroilted in this business about her bale mails when she was the secretary of state. today it was announced they have to turn over the server, the machine to the fbi. the weight of this stuff is causing people to think of whether or not she can, she can sustain herself. it's turned in to -- i'm not sure it is a horse race because no one believes bernie sanders will be the nominee but it is
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interesting to make her work for it harder. >> great to speak to you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, john. so he may not be the front runner like donald trump, but republican candidate john kasich is making a name for himself. he got plenty of attention for his answer to questions on same-sex marriage at last week's debate when he said he supports traditional marriage but doesn't mean he can't love and respect people who believe in same-sex marriage. he spoke about the trump factor. >> you thanked donald trump for being in the debate because you think he drew 24 million people. who also got a look at you. >>. >> yeah. >> do you think he is a positive force in the gop field? >> i think he is tapping in top people's anxieties as i mentioned at the town hall because i think they are real. people have about had it with frustrations in their lives connected to the government, the loss of jobs, but i don't think people want to stay on the negative side. i think they want to know what
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the solutions are. >> boston herald university poll indicates kasich made a jump to third in new hampshire following thursday's debate. there's sad news to report. former u.s. president jimmy carter said he has cancer and it has spread to various parts of his body. he said a recent liver surgery revealed the cancer. >> he 90-year-old said he is rearranging his schedule so he can undergo treatment. he was elected president in 1976 and served one term. since then he has been a tireless campaigner for human rights around the world. to china now and the scene in the port city of tianjin. this is it right now. you can see the smoke which is billowing there, more than 12 hours after a massive blast rocked that city of more than 10 million people. it was a chemical fire. it was an explosion at a warehouse overnight.
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>> the explosions were so powerful they could be felt miles away and seen from space. 17 are dead, hundreds injured a state of emergency is in effect in the immediate area. the explosions caused damage far from the warehouse district. he was interrupted by security and victims angry family members. >> we really don't know what happened, as you said. describe the area where it happened. >> okay. okay. [ speaking chinese ]
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will, it is calmer there now. describe the devastation around you. >> it's remarkable, john. we are standing two kilometers from the blast site itself. you can see the effects of the shock wave on this car. first of all, it clearly caught on fire. it's been torn apart. if you look at this convention center just beyond the car, you can see what was a door, an entryway there completely pushed in. a lot of the windows around here are smashed. we visited a housing block earlier and almost every window of every apartment -- it is too far behind me so we can't zoom in but many of those windows are gone. there are shards of glass on the ground. a lot of people so terrified running from their homes overnight when they heard the explosions they didn't have time to put on shoes or clothes. a lot of injuries hospitals are seeing and there are hundreds of
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people in the hospitals, people cut themselves on the broken glass. that's the most common injury we are seeing right now. i want to show you off in the distance is a smoke plume just beyond those buildings. that's where the explosion happened. the fire is still burning. they haven't been able to put it out. there is a bit of a chemical smell in the air. it is not as thick as overnight. but enough to tickle your throat a little bit and make you wonder what you are breathing in out here. most people we see don't have masks. they are not handing them out. a couple of police officers and a few emergency personnel have been wearing masks. everybody else is walking around in devastated streets trying to figure out what to do next. >> will, it is incredible to think that is a mile and a half way from where the blast happened. how do wresidents describe the
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blast? >> they ran to the parking lot for safety because the house they were in collapsed around them. what happened first of all during the overnight hours they noticed the orange fire ball outside of their window. they were asleep in their house. shortly after seeing the fire ball, so bright it woke them up out of bed, they heard the loud explosion and then another explosion 30 minutes later. so powerful that their house collapsed around them. strangers helped to carry them out of the debris. they grabbed a few belongings and ran to safety. a lot of people ended up here. they have scattered to other areas in the city. a terrifying, sleepless night. those were the folks who survived without serious injury. a lot of people had to go to the hospital. we saw a man moaning as he was wheeled in with severe burns. another man, one of the men who interrupted us during our live shot was on the ground sobbing saying why did they take her, why did they take my daughter
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away, why would god take her. we believe his daughter was killed. understandably he and his friends and supporters were emotional and upset that we were even there. they certainly showed us, john. it's a sign of how tense things are here after a terrifying, long, sleepless night. >> will, is that the background between that confrontation that you had earlier today with the security officials and residents there that were upset that, what, international reporters turned up to cover this? >> that's the impression that i got. as soon as they mobbed me during my live shot -- it was civilians, there were police officers in the crowd but they kept shouting in chinese, delete, delete. erase your video. erase your pictures. i explained i hadn't taken any videos or pictures but i was talking in to skype but that was lost in translation. at one point they were grabbing me, holding on the me, not
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letting me leave. we were able to diffuse the situation and after a period of several minutes i was able to walk away unhurt, i'm fine. they are the ones who are not okay and i understand what they are going through and why they are angry. we are here trying to tell their stories, trying to show people what happened because there are a lot of people who need help as a result of this. people who need help rebuilding their lives, people who lost loved ones and need medical care. difficult time for everybody here. >> a lot of rattled nerves. appreciate you being with us. >> we want to take you to north africa where images posted on-line appear to show the beheading of a croatian hostage. >> if they are confirmed it could be the first time a militant group has captured and killed a foreign chur. >> croatian thomas lopec was a top og fer for a french company.
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in july, isis in egypt kidnapped the father of two and now it appears they have executed him. the croatian government not able to confirm fears the worst. this is the road where isis allegedly kidnapped thomas. as you can see there's not much out here but desert. it goes for hundreds of kilometers deep in to the sahara. an area known in egypt as the western desert, famous for adventure seekers and oil workers, but also known for being unpredictable and at times dangerous. a year ago, out here, isis claims they killed an american oil worker. isis demanded the release of female muslim prisoners in exchange for him. giving the government 48 hours to comply but the deadline passed. >> that speaks to the heart of what is driving a lot of angry
9:16 pm
islamist youth inside of egypt who in this patriarchal society, the issue is female honor is so dear that violence is always justified to protect it. >> isis routinely executes alleged spies and captured egyptian soldiers. hundreds of people have died in clashes between security forces and the militants. but this brutal, deliberate killing of a civilian marks a turning point for isis in egypt. >> in the long term they may try to focus on shock and awe type attacks, like we see with this croatian man with where they are trying to maximize the level of perceived brutality. ian lee, cnn.
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cnn reached out to crow asia and egyptian officials who haven't confirmed his death. still to come, syria sees a surge in violence hours before a high-level meeting to try to end the violence. more on that story coming up. new concern from authorities in portugal as a wildfire burns out of control in a park. teaching orphan elephants to be wild again while keeping ivory poachers away. can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink.
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our newest line the stuff my vendor sells works fine. and my budget's small, just so you know. ♪ should i stay or should i go when you choose to go for business, go to the new it makes finding the right room faster and easier than ever. book now at they are discussing ways to end the syrian war going on several years now. details are coming out about the meeting but iranian foreign minister was expected to discuss a four-point peace plan he hopes to send to the united nations. >> hours before the meeting a surge in violence between rebels and government forces left at least 36 dead, does ens wounded in the capital damascus. they came as warring parties
9:22 pm
declared a 48-hour truce beginning early wednesday. since the civil war began in 2011, 250,000 syrians have been killed. in the meantime, the u.s. launching new air strikes against isis in syria. it's the first time the strikes have come from a base in southern turkey. >> the agreement for the united states to use the incirlik air base was reached last month. we asked the information minister for his reaction to the developments. >> the air raids led by the west known as the alliance raids have been going on a long time. so this is nothing new. but actually what is in the mind of the tushish president is not the intention to confront isis. not any intent to confront isis. >> what do you make of america's campaign against isis?
9:23 pm
>> translator: we have been clear since the onset of the air strikes by the alliance. we support and are with any party that combats isis by any means. either we are with them, or they are with us. but the problem lies with america. they say they want to con front isis. at the same time they don't want to cooperate with the forces fighting isis on the ground which is the syrian leadership. that's confusing and suspicious. >> you said that in guerrilla warfare it is not always the territory that you win that matters. what do you think victory would look like? >> translator: victory would be a victory over terrorism, not syrians over syrians. we'd like the armed syrian opposition to come and hold talks with us. when we talk about terrorism, we mean isis who consider us infidels. this is the mentality we should
9:24 pm
confront. >> we move on to argentina. severe flooding in parts of the country caused thousands to evacuate. areas around buenos aires have been hit the hardest. the deluge start ed a week ago. officials say emergency crews are being deployed in the city after a nearby river overflowed causing major flooding. >> portugal had the opposite problem. fire crews have been battling a wildfire in a park. authorities say the fire that broke out on monday didn't threaten people or homes, but could destroy areas of strong environmental importance. >> let's get more on the weather right now. we are joined -- the fires in portugal are a concern for everybody. what's the latest. >> this is a part of portugal that is popular with tourists. ski resorts typically but they are bone dry as we see with a
9:25 pm
lot of ski resorts. much in europe as well. in the last ten days we have seen 22,000 acres that have been scorched. look at the perspective. not only for spain but northern porch chul. hundreds of fires are scattered about the region. extremely mountainous. some areas 2,000 meters or 6500 feet high. that's where the natural park is located. i use the analogy of lighting a match and holding it straight and it burns toward your finger, if you slope it burns your hand. that's what firefighters have to deal with. 600 of them out there. in spain, next door it is far worse, off the charts when it comes to the exceptional drought. look at madrid, 38 days temperatures at 35 degrees celsius or 95 fahrenheit. 56 days at 30 celsius.
9:26 pm
again, the average temperature a notch below that and warm weather continues over this region over the next couple of days. we have a slight trend in the cooling department for lisbon. the mid-20s celsius. upper 70s fahrenheit. that's the coolest weather i look back 41 day last time it was this cool. the fire culminating in recent days. >> enjoy it while they have got it. you don't often think of brushfires but they are possible. break here and when we come back, a mystery from the -- another official has not been seen for months. a company that makes pens is apologizing for an advertisement that some are calling sexist. we will tell you why in a couple of minutes. hikers. s the freedom hiking brought us together but that's not the only thing that keeps us coming back. here's to friends who reach for better.
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you are watching cnn newsroom live around the world. >> it is 12:30 in the morning here in atlanta. u.s. republican presidential candidate donald trump continues to dominate his party rivals. new cnn poll numbers from the early voting state of iowa show him topping the field with 22%. however, he faces a large gender gap trailing his closest competitor ben car is son among women. the u.s. is launching air strikes from turkey for the first time in the battle against isis in syria. the attacks are part of an agreement reached last month. the flight times from incirlik those in shorter from -
9:31 pm
a huge explosion in tianjin, china killed and injured thousands. >> a historic moment in u.s. cuban relations. john kerry will be the first u.s. secretary of state to step foot in cuba in 70 years and he's there to raise the american flag over the newly opened embassy in havana. diplomatic relations were restored last month. >> the sat down with a columnist for the miami herald and cnn espanol host. they discussed a potential relationship with venezuela. >> secretary kerry, you have
9:32 pm
said your u.s. talks with cuba in those conversation talks you talk about venezuela. what did you ask cuba to do regarding venezuela and what was cuba's response. >> we want venezuela, obviously, to live up to the norms and standards of the oas of the inter-american human rights requirements of free elections that are accountable to the international community. we're very interested in establishing a normal relationship with the wenz venezuelan government in an effort to help to meet the needs of the venezuelan people. >> thursday is also former cuban leader castro's 89th birthday. it is not known whether he will attend friday's ceremony. >> looking young there from 1984. >> old picture there. >> way older than 89. >> researchers say a top official hadn't been seen in
9:33 pm
public for months. >> the question is could he be another official fallen out of favor with kim jong-un? we get details from brian todd reporting from washington. >> reporter: a top official in kim jong-un's government vanished from public vie. a north korean vice premier hasn't been seen in eight months. that's according to south korea's unification ministry that tells cnn it is watching for possible change in the status. >> it could mean he is on hold. it could mean he is under suspicion or under investigation. it could mean he got dead. >> reporter: the state department said if he was executed this would be another example of what it calls the extreme brutality of the north korean regime. the disappearance comes during a bloody campaign purchases by kim jong-un. south korean intelligence and official says he has executed 70 top officials since taking power
9:34 pm
in 2011. >> i think the inner circle is a tense place to be under kim jong-un. the leaders and there are only a handful of them are looking over their shoulder, look at kim jong-un to define what he wants. >> kim reportedly had his defense minister executed with an anti-aircraft gun apparently for pushing back on kim's orders and nodding off at meetings. there are reports that the architect of the new airport was executed because kim didn't like the design. executions are kim's way of solidifying his position, a way of sending a bone-chilling signal to those closest to him. >> don't mess with me. i'm the boss and if you know what is good for you will stay loyal to me. >> kim famously had his powerful uncle executed. analysts say it signalled a departure from the way kim's father and grandfather operated in they ran the most totalian
9:35 pm
system that's ever been operated by human beings. but during their tenure, the royals always stayed safe. that was one of their rules. if you were in the royal court you were in good situation, no matter to what was happening to hundreds of thousands of people in prison and so forth. >> reporter: the people closest to kim that are safe, blood relatives, his sister who is rising in power and a shadowy older sister never seen in public said to be advising him behind the scenes. brian todd, cnn, washington. stay in north korea, a new photo of the dear leader that bears a strong resem blens to the other leader. kim jong-un on the right wearing the same sunglasses his father used to wear a lot. aren't they stylish? his father was rarely seen without them. >> not quite clear what sparked the north korean leader's change
9:36 pm
in fashion. he wants to look like his grandfather, really respects his grandfather. >> it could have just been a sunny day. >> just like the shades. nmplgts the meantime, pen maker bic south africa is apologizing for an advertisement that sparked outrage on-line. the ad says look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss. >> what's wrong with that? the message was meant as a salute and tribute to women's day in south africa. not surprisingly it backfired delivering what many consider to be a sexist message. >> upset a lot of people. a quick break here on cnn. when we come back, there are new pieces in a puzzle in a 25 year old mystery. they hope surveillance footage may reveal who's behind one of the biggest art heists in
9:37 pm
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welcome back. china allowed the currency to fall for the third day in a row. the central bank set the reference rate 1% lower versus the u.s. dollar. >> let's see how the markets are reacting. in hong kong it is up by a third. in shanghai down .62%. we are joined live with more. china is saying they want market forces to control their kumpbscy. analysts say it is a way to make eck ports cheaper. which do you think is true? >> exactly. it depends on which story you want to believe. obviously, china saying the devaluation of the yuan is allowing market forces to really
9:41 pm
perhaps have a bigger role in determining the value of the yuan. they would say it is the natural course that the yuan has been appreciating too quickly, up up 10% from 2014. certainly this is something that the united states and the imf has been pushing for. of course china too, placing a lot of pressure on the imf to perhaps be included in that elite group of world currencies such as the u.s., the euro, u.s. dollar, the euro and the yen. then the story outside of china is that there's a clear indication that the devaluation shows that china's economy is substantially weaker than what official figures suggest. that by devaluing the yuan this will help revive the economy domestically, as well as
9:42 pm
stimulate exports which you mention. obviously by weakening the currency, it makes those exports cheaper, as well as much more competitive. so this is something that perhaps china wants. an export report came out last week that showed exports were down 8%. there's no denying. the weakening of the currency has rippled across the global markets. everyone has taken a hit. markets today perhaps stabilizing somewhat. it also reflects the sharp reaction towards the devaluation that perhaps everyone is not so trusting of the economic data coming out of china. officials there saying they want growth up to 7% this year. that's now really being questioned more sole with with the devaluation of the yuan. >> at one point the dow jones industrial was down 300 points but ended flat. this could be a problem for companies that have i guess
9:43 pm
exposure to china. thank you so much. appreciate it. there are new clues in one of the biggest art heists in history. 25 years ago, thieves made off with 13 works of art worth $500 million. >> grainy surveillance footage captured 24 hours before the theft may hold the key investigators have been searching for and finally crack open this case. here's our randi kaye with more. >> on this never before seen video a man who may have pulled off the biggest art heist in history. take a look. it is from march 17th, 1990, the night before two men broke in to boston's isabella stewart gardener museum. those men made off with 13 works of art, valued at $500 million. rick abbott was one of the guards on duty that night. he was just 23 years old then.
9:44 pm
we spoke to him in february of 2013. his only television interview. he admitted he let the thieves in to the museum on the night of the heist. >> they buzzed the buzzer and i leaned over to the intercom and said, yeah. and they said boston police. we have a report of a disturbance on the premises. so i buzzed them in to the room. >> rick abbott has always maintained he had nothing to do with the theft but this newly released video shows a guard resembling abbott 24 hours before it. at the start of the tape, the unidentified man is seen backing up his car to the museum side entrance. after the first guard 4r50e6s to do his security rounds the man outside approaches the museum. the guard at the desk presses the door's buzzer but the man doesn't enter. instead he returns to his car and turns on the parking lights. after he heads back to the museum and is once again buzzed
9:45 pm
inside. this time, he does enter through the same door the thieves would enter through the very next night. the man appears to go through some paperwork at the guard desk, then disappears for about three minutes inside the museum. out of view of this particular security camera. it's unclear what he was doing, or why he was there in the middle of the night. investigators want to know if this video was some sort of dry run for the real thing. they say the car, seen in the video, even matches the general description of the vehicle seen parked outside of the museum the night of the theft. the fbi released the tape hoping the public can help identify the mystery man. could this man have anything to do with the break-in on the night of the heist? cowhy did the museum security guard let strangers in to the museum two nights in a row? rick abbott who said he was handcuffed during the heist has never been charged in connection with the crime but never been
9:46 pm
officially cleared either. >> once i sat down with the fbi, the first thing i said is what do you want to know because -- i knew. i'm the guy that opened up the door they are going to look at me. >> our calls to abath were not returned. the night of the theft, the panic button at the desk was never activated allowing the thieves to take their time. spending nearly an hour and a half in the museum collecting the art work. that was 25 years ago. despite a $5 million reward, the art work has never been returned. randi kaye, cnn, new york. when we come back, wednesday was with world elephant day. up next we will take you to a national park where they are fighting to save elephant calves orphaned by poachers.
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some jaw-dropping images of a shark off the coast of mexico gives new meaning to the words "great white." meet deep blue, thought to be the largest white white shark ever recorded on video. you can see just how big she is as she swims up against a cage
9:51 pm
full of divers. >> she's huge. deep blue is estimated to be 20 feet long, weighs 5,000 pounds and at least 50 years old. guess what, she is actually pregnant. researchers who filmed deep blue are tracking pregnant great whites to protect their nursery grounds. >> pregnant and hungry, best to stay away. >> incredibly heavy, as well. very beautiful shark. another story we are following. kenya's dwindling elephant population is under threat from poachers who want the ivory. >> wednesday marked world elephant day meant tone courage conservation efforts to help these animals and we look at wildlife team efforts to save them. >> reporter: it's feeding time for kenya's orphaned elephants. many of their mothers were killed by poachers for their tusks. so for these calves, milk is a powdered formula and now their
9:52 pm
mothers wear green coats. >> elephants are intelligent and rare. they give you love when you give them that love back. >> reporter: almost impossible to stay clean when you are enjoying bath time with baby elephants. they are a lot like human a babies actually. they love bath time and never want to get out. what may look like a lot of fun is a lot of hard work to reintrigue great these orphans back in to the wild. and that is the goal of the wildlife trust, teaching orphans to be wild again. so far they have successfully rescued, rehabilitated and released some 200 elephants back in to the bush, but raising orphans to release them in to a dangerous environment makes little sense. so the trust partners with the kenya wildlife service to fight other constant threat threats like removing wire snares that trap animals.
9:53 pm
>> it is down under. >> in this vast african bush, security must also come from above. then an urgent call from the anti-snaring unit. they have spotted a wounded elephant. the doctor says the wound is probably from a poisoned arrow. with a single shot he darts with a tranquilizer. >> hope you have him on visual. >> the team must work quickly. they closely monitor the bull's breathing. but the elephant fell on the wrong side. it's worse than they thought. >> we need to work on this one before. we can lift it up. >>. >> oh, my god. >> after the first wound is cleaned and treated, the six ton
9:54 pm
giant must be rolled over. the arrow wounds are about three weeks old. another week without help for the 40-year-old bull -- >> get in the abdominal cav ty and it will kill it. >> he is speaking from experience and treated 500,000 elephants. >> within one minute these elephants should be up. >> reporter: the large animal has trouble getting up. he needs help. >> small team but we work on big elephants. >> reporter: he's confident this one will make a complete recovery. the outlook for the rest of kenya's elephants may not be as good. dayne has devoted her life to saving the species. she believes asia's insatiable appetite for ivory is bringing
9:55 pm
about the killings. >> there's a lot of poverty and unemployment and as long as they can get money from killing an elephant he will do that. if there is no demand for the tusks there's no reason for him to go after the elephants. i doubt my great grandchildren will see wild elephants living a normal life. they are going rapidly. one every 15 minutes. >> reporter: while they will likely mother many more orphans they remain determined to secure them a future in the wild. >> small team looking after big animals. well, we end here with baby against baby. mother against mother as dozens of little ones race to win a baby crawl contest. >> the event celebrates thailand's -- babies participated and some more eager
9:56 pm
than others to cross the finish line. >> mother's day coincides with the thai queen's birthday and there were tributes held in honor of her 83rd birthday. thank you so much for watching this hour of cnn newsroom. >> we will be back with another hour of cnn newsroom after this quick break. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romis man kind?eitlin ♪ are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are.
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trump on top. recent controversies have not detailed his presidential campaign. >> coming up we're at the site of a powerful explosion in the northern chinese city. >> warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. glad to be with you the next hour. i'm zain asher. >> i'm john vause. cnn newsroom starts right now. as


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